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2 Stitch- Peaceful Lotus


Project Info:

Level: Intermediate

Estimated time: Weekend Project

Inspired by 5 Stitch Wrap Bracelet by Nicole Anderson
Sample by Savanna Hall

Savanna finds her Zen in blues and silver in this 2 Stitch design. Inspired by Yogis around the world who often begin and end each day in Lotus Pose, Savanna’s colorway has an ease and calmness that comes when we stop long enough to find balance. Please begin by reviewing the Ingredients List and Project Map below. Then download the PDF handout, which outlines the sections and links you to the Skill Builders needed to complete the design.

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2 Stitch- Peaceful Lotus

Bali Button- Silver


$2.35 USD

Asana- Silver


$1.25 USD

Royal Blue- 1.5mm Indian


$7.25 USD

Navy- #1 Tuff Cord

Tuff Cord

$4.75 USD

Navy- 0.4mm

0.4mm chinese knotting cord

$3.35 USD

Bright Turquoise- 0.4mm

0.4mm chinese knotting cord

$3.35 USD

8-4217- Duracoat Galvanized Sea Foam 8/0

8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

$8.65 USD

4mm- Aqua Graphite Rainbow

4mm Czech Glass

$3.25 USD

GS Hypo Cement


$5.35 USD

Project Map