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Level: Intermediate
Estimated time: 3-4 Hours

Padre White


By Brittany Ketcham

Beginning with a simple loop of white Padre beads and incorporating trade beads from many areas of Africa, this ethnic design is a symbol of the expansive trade route followed by many cultures and tribes traveling across continents centuries ago. From Thailand's Hill tribe silver, to African heishi and an old European button, this bracelet woven on linen is a shining example of how cultures worked and traded together for hundreds of years. The little peace symbol represents our dream and hope that mutual respect and open trade can bring cultures together again in harmony.

Old Coin- Copper
Brushstrokes- Gold
Brown- Compassion Suede
Chocolate- 10 Yard
White- Padres
Hebron Trade Beads
Stepping Stones - Silver
Old Cameroon
Tierra Heishi-Antique Silver
GS Hypo Cement
Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutters
Handy Tape


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