Level: Intermediate
Estimated time: 4-6 Hours

New Orleans

Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck

Mardi Gras is the time of year in New Orleans when everyone dresses in party colors for Carnival. This Tapestry bracelet is a perfect for dancing the night away in the French Quarter. The mix of rich purple, gold and copper beads are ready to “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

The Tapestry bracelet is based on classic techniques from Tricks to Looming and Bead Weaving, and incorporates a variety of beads to mix up the technique. By substituting heavier cords, assorted bead sizes/shapes and a heavier clasp, the project takes on a new look.

To learn the techniques used in this project, start with Sam’s video to learn how to set up a loom using a design board and how to weave beads. Next download the PDF handout on this page which adapts the techniques from the video to the Tapestry Project using heavier cord, assorted bead shapes and sizes and demonstrates how to add a box clasp.
4mm- Crystal Copper Rainbow
$3.25 USD
8-462- Metallic Gold Iris
$8.25 USD
Pastel Bordeaux
$8.25 USD
Amethyst- 4mm
$9.00 USD
Dark Purple- KO Thread
$4.35 USD
French Lilac - Regular C-Lon
$4.35 USD
Tall and Handsome- Copper
$9.25 USD
Beadsmith Zap Jewelry Gel
$4.35 USD
Jewel Loom Needles
$4.65 USD
Beadsmith Big Eye Needles
$3.75 USD
Jewel Loom
$9.25 USD
Xuron Thread & Cord Scissor
$19.95 USD
Project Tray Inserts
$10.25 USD
Deep Dish Project Tray
$19.95 USD
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