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Level: Intermediate
Estimated time: Weekend Project


by Nicole Anderson

With a vibrancy similar to the tenth largest city in the world, Mumbai, this bracelet reflects the melting pot of cultures and peoples from all over India and around the world living there today. Utilizing the bright and eye catching colors of Indian Saris with its natural accompaniment, gold, Nicole has incorporated: Spiral, Beaded Double-Flat Knot, Square knot, Herringbone Ladder and Simple Ladder. Begin with the video below and be ready to create a masterpiece!

Bali Button- Gold
Walnut- 1.5 Greek
Black Currant- Regular C-Lon
Mahogany - Regular C-Lon
Raspberry - Regular C-Lon
Rose - Regular C-Lon
Dark Brown- KO Thread
Gold Filled 2mm Round - Large Hole
8/0 Metal Seed Beads - 24Kt Gold Plate
6/0 Metal Seed Beads- 24kt Gold Plate
Quartz Crystal
Gold Jump Rings - 7mm/16g
GS Hypo Cement
Thread Snips
Old Fashion Bees Wax
Project Map
The Spiral Knot The Beaded Double Flat Knot The Square Knot
The Herringbone Ladder The Ladder Stitch Transition with Slider Beads


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