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SuperDuos- Emerald Matte Rembrandt

2.5 x 5mm 2- Hole Superduo IHD: 0.8mm

Unit: tube
$8.35 USD

Now in a new coating that is hitting the beading world by storm, Superduos in Emerald Matte Rembrandt are the marriage of Picasso and Travertine finishes in delicious green. They are both matte/transparent and opaque/textured at the same time.

See how we used Superduos in our Seashore Wrap Bracelet and our Pathways Herringbone Cuff.

With .8mm holes, Tuff Cord #2, Superlon D or Micro C-Lon will easily go through twice to ladder or weave.

Please Note: SuperDuo colors can vary from batch to batch! If you're purchasing multiple tubes for one project we suggest buying all you need at once.

Sold in tube of 22.5 grams/ approximately 300 beads.