Level: Beginner
Estimated time: 3-5 Hours


Project By: Janice Parsons
Sample By: Linnea Lortsher

One of the first wildflowers to put on a show in Spring, lupine blankets fields and hillsides with stunning hues of purple, lilac and lavender. Inspired by the whorling pattern of florets that make up the spiky lupine flower, Linnea wanted to create an ombré with C-lon in shades of purple and green, embellished with silver plated metal seed beads. Crossing the straps as they passed through the Outline slider creates an unexpected twist and draws the eye to land on the Mr. Bumble charm, perched on his jump ring as if ready to buzz to the next blossom. This 3-wrap design is a delightful celebration of spring.
Mr. Bumble- Silver
8/0 Metal Seed Beads - Silver Plate
Medium Purple - Regular C-Lon
French Lilac - Regular C-Lon
Orchid - Regular C-Lon
Fern - Regular C-Lon
Peridot - Regular C-Lon
Mint - Regular C-Lon
Grey- 5mm
Cool Luke- Silver
Beadsmith Zap Jewelry Gel
Project Map

Lupine’s total length is 23 inches including the 3/4” clasp. This 3-wrap bracelet will fit comfortably a wrist up to 7 inches. The macramé sections are 7-1/2” and 9-1/2” long. When designing your bracelet, experiment with longer stretches of macramé that include several colors.




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