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Arizona Grey- 5mm Strap Leather by the Yard

5x2mm European Flat Leather

Unit: each
$10.95 USD

This leather is made to look worn in and vintage...it's right up our alley! A little nubby-grubby, as Janice says! It's perfection, especially in this soft neutral.

Project Ideas: Make a Prairie, of course! Throw on some sliders and a magnetic clasp, and you have a multi-wrap showstopper. Another great Strap Leather project to try is Expedition.

Made to the highest standards, this top quality cowhide is vegetable-tanned and dyed. We do not recommend getting it wet or exposing it to perfumes or lotions. Treat it the way you would a pair of fine leather shoes or a handbag.

Made in the European Union.

Sold by the yard. 1 Yard = 3ft = 36 inches. If you order more than 1 yard, we will always try to give you one continuous piece.