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Venetian Trade

8-12mm Antique Glass IHD: 2-2.5mm

Unit: pkg
$14.95 USD

We call them "Venetian Glass", but in the 1500's, bead making was moved out of Venice to the island of Murano. Whether it was because the hot furnaces could cause fires or the Venetians wanted to keep glassmaking techniques and the artisans themselves a secret... or even both, we can't be sure.

Produced between 1800 and early 1900's, these antique "Venetian" beads were found in West Africa. Created for West African trade, they were often found near burial sites. Please embrace their age...they are from a very long time ago. Each bead varies and there will be imperfections.

See how we have used them in a classic project, Across Cultures.

Sold in package of 3 beads. No two beads are alike.