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Project Info:

Level: Beginner

Estimated time: 3-4 Hours

Project by Brittany Ketcham-Roney
Sample by Jennifer Tello

That perfect shade between blue and purple…brought to us by Mother Nature in the form of a sweet-smelling blossom. Sure, they come in other shades…pink, white…but when you think of a hyacinth don’t you think of this hue right away? And can’t you very nearly smell those fragrant flowers just thinking of them? Take a deep breath….ahhhh!

Additional Learning:
Ingredients list is to the left and easy shopping can be done with the Shop and Tools Tabs above!


Button Pearl


$3.50 USD

Blue Gray- 1.5mm Indian


$7.25 USD

Lavender - Regular C-Lon

Regular C-Lon

$4.40 USD

Light Grey- KO Thread

KO Thread

$4.45 USD

5mm Cream Potato Pearl


$11.95 USD

4mm- Crystal

4mm Czech Glass

$2.95 USD

4mm- Matte Apollo Gold

4mm Czech Glass

$3.25 USD

4mm- Luster Stone Blue

4mm Czech Glass

$3.25 USD

4mm- Luster Stone Pink

4mm Czech Glass

$3.25 USD

Little Shadows- Silver Plate

Metal Beads

$19.95 USD

Tierra Daisy Spacer - Antique Silver

Metal Beads

$3.75 USD

1.5 inch Head Pins- Bright Silver

Head Pins

$3.95 USD

Bright Silver Jump Rings - 6mm/18g

Jump Rings

$4.75 USD

Tiny Tassel- Blush/Silver


$1.65 USD

Project Tray Inserts

Design Boards & Storage

$10.25 USD

GS Hypo Cement


$5.35 USD



$1.50 USD

Maxi- Shear Flush Wire Cutter


$19.95 USD

Eurotool Chain Nose Pliers


$12.95 USD

EuroTool Round Nose Plier


$12.95 USD

Project Map