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How to Macramé the Beaded Double Flat Knot


Project Info:

Level: All Levels

Estimated time: Improve Your Technique

The Beaded Flat Knot is both intricate and beautiful. Originally featured in Nicole Anderson’s 5 Stitch Wrap Bracelet Video, it is macramé stitch we would categorize as “quite challenging but doable”. We didn’t invent it, but have adapted it to both Nicole’s project samples and more recently in our 2 Stitch project. Chinese Knotting Cord brings out the beauty of the knotted pattern, the beads and colors of the cord. Below is a short video by Cat Fistori demonstrating the stitch using her Tree Frog Sample from our 2 Stitch Project. Download the full PDF Handout to see all technique steps. Please watch the video and review handout and Skill Builder before beginning. We recommend using a Mini Macramé Board as it helps manage the six cords as you stitch.

Download the handout for complete instructions:

How to Macramé the Beaded Double Flat Knot

Mini Macramé Board by Anne Dilker

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