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Level: All
Estimated time: Weekend

High Tea

Project by Emily Miller
Sample by Kate Richbourg

As bohemian and artsy as Kate is, we all know she adores rituals like High Tea. Katie will fondly tell the story about how her Gran would keep white gloves in the car in her glove box, just in case they had to stop off at church. Now that’s good manners! The color palette Kate chose for High Tea is elegant and soft spoken, just like her Gran.

One of the most popular bead stitches today, Spiral Rope looks fancy but is easy to do. A great addition to your tool box of techniques, it is a basic to grow on. Part of Seed Bead School, Emily makes it all so easy. Click on the VIDEO tab above and watch Facebook LIVE- Spiral Rope as Emily, along with Kate, guides us step-by-step.

This is an All-Levels Project. Besides the video, we will be posting Episode Notes on July 3, which you can download and follow along.

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Project Map

Making a fun necklace, a bracelet, or even an anklet is easy to do with Spiral Rope. Watch the Facebook LIVE video and follow along.



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