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Harvest Moon


Project Info:

Level: Beginner

Estimated time: 3-4 Hours

Refer to Map

Harvest Moon

Full Moon- Amber Luna AB

Czech Glass Buttons

$6.25 USD

Medium Brown- Micro C-Lon

C-Lon: Micro

$3.15 USD

Matte White African Opal- 6mm Rounds

Gem Rounds- 6mm

$6.00 USD

Matte Wood Opalite- 6mm Rounds

Gem Rounds- 6mm

$7.00 USD

Beadsmith Big Eye Needles


$3.95 USD

Project Tray Inserts

Design Boards & Storage

$10.25 USD

GS Hypo Cement


$4.95 USD



$1.50 USD

Old Fashioned Beeswax


$3.50 USD

Project Map

Sample by Karen Marshall

There’s always a rush to bring in the harvest before the frost comes…every moment is precious, even the night. When the moon is full and bright on Autumn nights it’s light enough to reap what was sown so many months before. Our Amber Luna Full Moon button glows against a backdrop of matte semi-precious stones, the shine of Czech Glass Fire Polish and gold-plated Hematite, and rich Sable leather.