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GS Hypo Cement

Unit: tube
$5.35 USD

We absolutely swear by this glue for securing thread and, oddly enough, gluing metal pieces together where there isn’t huge weight involved. For anyone knotting or stringing on thread, this glue is a must-have. The fine-tip applicator, about the diameter of a fine needle, is wonderful for getting glue right into the end-tip. We recommend storing it in a cool place standing upright. Our price is pretty unbeatable!

Sold per 1/3-ounce tube.

Are you having trouble with the GS Hypo Tube Cement? It's happened to us several times as well, but it's really the best glue we've found for thread. It seals it so well without discoloration or tell-tale signs that many glues leave, so even though we lose a few tubes along the way, it's worth it. However, having said that, here are some tips about how to use it best:

1. When you are done using it, add a small bit of Vaseline around the tip. This helps keep the glue from adhering to the cap. You can also use a cosmetic sponge instead of the cap.

2. Stand the tube up in the box and leave it in a cool place until the next time you need it. By standing it up, the chance of glue drying around the needle tip and the cap are less, which means when you go to take the cap off, the needle tip doesn't come off with it.

3. In the event the needle does come off, you are still able to use the glue. Squeeze a small bit out onto a plastic bag and apply with a tooth pick.

Zap Glue isn't a replacement for GS Hypo Tube. The Zap is meant for super heavy-duty jobs like fixing leather into a clasp end. If you’ve tried these tips and are finding that you’re just not happy with the GS Hypo Tube Cement, please email us at

Note: Birds are very sensitive to any fumes from glue. Please do NOT use glue in the same room where birds are present.