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Level: Beginner
Estimated time: 1 Hour

Harmonies- Rustic Denim


Project By Nicole Anderson
Sample By Sam Applegate

Everyone has a favorite piece of jewelry that they wear with everything, and this design is one of Sam’s. Something about the colors in this bracelet just scream cowboy boots and worn blue jeans, and it has the power to match almost any outfit you wear it with. This bracelet is Sam’s reinterpretation of the Cinnamon Spice Bracelet made by Nicole many years ago. It predates the laddering technique, but the effect of a softer, worn looking bracelet is well worth the extra work it takes to make it.
Be sure to review the blog post with instructions on how to complete this project. Measure your wrist, and try on your project frequently to make sure your design is coming out as intended. This bracelet can be made longer and worn as a choker if desired. We do not recommend swimming or bathing with the suede.

Spirits- Silver
Brown- Compassion Suede
Brown - Tuff Cord
White- Padres
Padres of Venice
Russian Blue
#8 Medium Fine-Glovers Needle
Thread Snips
Deep Dish Project Tray
Project Tray Inserts
Project Map


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