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6mm Melons- Brown Sage

6mm Czech Glass Beads with IHD .81mm

Unit: strand
$2.25 USD

Whoever said beadmaking wasn’t artistry? Anyone saying that couldn’t have set eyes on this really lovely collection called Brown Sage. The base for this colorway is brown and sage green beads which are given a Picasso finish and then a coral wash. Crazy, right? Crazy wonderful! Made in the Czech Republic, these melon beads are the right size for so many designs, including Tricks to Laddering and Goddess Bracelets. Create your own Harvest Moon Wrap Bracelet by pairing it with 4mm Nebula Wasabi and 1.5mm Distressed Mahogany Leather. Yes!

Sold on strands of 25 beads/ 6 inches in length.

Note: Each strand is unique and may vary from the photograph. Coatings and glass color will vary by as much as 20% from one shipment to the next. We do not recommend exposing the coatings to fragrance, lotions, or excessive moisture.