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6-412FR Turquoise Green AB Matte 6/0

4.5 x 4mm Seed Bead with 1.5mm Hole

Unit: tube
$4.00 USD

We truly believe you can’t have too many Miyuki seed beads in the 412 finish! But our new, all-time favorite finish is 412FR, with its tinges of blue-green and pale aqua matte reflections. Manufactured in Japan by Miyuki, this 6/0 seed bead is a great go-to bead for so many of our projects, including His, Hers and BFF. We love how it looks laddered with our C-Lon Cord and, with a generous hole, extremely adaptable to macramé using .5 Chinese Knotting Cord. There are 8-9 beads to an inch.

Sold in tubes of 20 grams. Approximately 265 beads.