Project and Sample by Kate Richbourg

When you think of Maine, what comes to mind? For a lot of people it might be lobster, lighthouses, and L.L. Bean. Summertime in Maine is wonderful, there’s a reason it’s called “Vacationland.” But winter? It’s simply magic. The scenic coastal town of Freeport brings a new meaning to the word “festive” each holiday season with shoppers busily buying gifts and meeting friends to warm up over hot coffees; the whole scene is blanketed in snow and strung with twinkling lights, picture perfect.

Drea’s new laddered cuffs have a distinctively New England spin. Practical, simple, and great results. In Freeport, Kate does her own take on the design, creating a thinner band that can wrap to create a wider cuff.

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Vertical Cleo 3- Antique Silver
$2.75 USD
Dark Grey- KO Thread
$4.35 USD
Metallic Gray- 1.5mm Indian
$7.25 USD
Half Tila TLH2002- Matte Metallic Silver Grey
$5.95 USD
Half Tila TLH1865- Galvanized Grey Luster
$6.75 USD
4mm- Etched Full Chrome
$2.95 USD
4mm- Glittery Matte Graphite
$3.25 USD
4mm- Polychrome Aqua Teal
$2.95 USD
2mm- Crystal Nickel Plate
$8.25 USD
Size 10 4 Pack Beadsmith Seed Bead Needles
$3.00 USD
GS Hypo Cement
$5.35 USD
Deep Dish Project Tray
$19.95 USD
Project Tray Inserts
$10.25 USD
Maxi- Shear Flush Wire Cutter
$19.75 USD
$1.50 USD
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