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Project Info:

Quantity Needed for Project:
Additional Learning:

Level: Advanced Beginner

Estimated time: 1 Day

refer to map


Project Tray Inserts

Design Boards & Storage

$10.25 USD

Deep Dish Project Tray

Design Boards & Storage

$19.95 USD

GS Hypo Cement


$6.75 USD

Beadsmith Zap Jewelry Gel


$4.75 USD

Clampers (1 pair)


$1.75 USD

Perfect End Thread Burner


$26.95 USD

Thread Snips


$3.35 USD

Project Map

Project and Sample by Kate Richbourg

Born Yesterday is a beadshop.com classic design. Originated by Janice, Kate wanted to create a version with two of her favorite colors, soft green and blue. Found in an old bead warehouse, the vintage Nephrite Jade in 8 and 10mm is the keystone of this design. The jade strands are 20-30 years old and of top-notch quality. The large and even holes allow for multiple strands of .5mm Chinese Knotting Cord. The ethereal jade is set off by the slate blue of the CKC, creating a calming palette. A unique Vintage Find focal and two natural brown wood beads made in the traditional Cantonese Style round out the palette. Once these kits are gone, they are gone, but…

*This exact colorway was part of a December 2019 kit, an exclusive collection that won’t be available again…so you can recreate this piece it your own way:

Please join us as our worldwide community gathers on Facebook and YouTube at 10:30am Pacific Time on December 18th, 2019. It’s so much fun to go live with us and bead together! After the live broadcast the video will be available above.