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Level: Intermediate
Estimated time: Weekend Project

2 Stitch Copper Sun


Inspired by 5 Stitch Wrap Bracelet by Nicole Anderson
Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck

Bathed in the soft pinks and intense reds of sunset, Beckie’s palettes often gravitate to romantic colors and we don’t have to guess why…they are light, airy, warm and soft. In this 3 wrap bracelet, Beckie has adapted the project to a more scaled-down version. It still has all the stitches, just shortened to 3 parts instead of 5. Please begin by reviewing the Ingredients List and Project Map below. Then download the PDF handout, which outlines the sections and links you to the Skill Builders needed to complete the design.
For quick and easy one-stop ingredient shopping, click the SHOP tab above! Be sure to also scroll down to see the Project Map below, as the handout is for a 5 wrap bracelet, so please adapt to Beckie's shorter design. We find it helpful to read through the Tutorial and Project Maps before starting a project...no one wants to get halfway through and realize they haven't cut enough cord! Not that that has happened to me, or anything...

Old Coin- Copper
$3.95 USD
Aware- Copper
$2.95 USD
Natural- 1.5 Greek
$12.25 USD
Gold - Tuff Cord
$4.75 USD
Brown- 0.4mm
$3.35 USD
Milky Latte- 0.4mm
$3.35 USD
8-187- Bright Copper Plated 8/0
$16.50 USD
Devotion- 4mm
$6.00 USD
GS Hypo Cement
$5.75 USD
Chocolate- 0.4mm
$3.35 USD
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