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Constellation Jewels- Pegasus

Project Info:

Level: Beginner

Estimated time: 4-6 Hours

By: Sam Applegate

Named for the well-known, winged horse made famous in Greek mythology, this constellation can be found in the northern skies. A symbol of wisdom throughout the ages, imagine Pegasus riding across the night sky. With that same magical thinking, we align the beauty of Pegasus with labradorite… a match made in the heavens.
This project explores a combination of stringing and wire wrapping skills to create a cohesive jewelry set. Techniques include patterning and stringing gemstones, using end tips, and wire wrapping beads and briolettes. Below you will find the complete video tutorial as well as a project map that clearly displays all of the features of the project.

Constellation Jewels- Pegasus

Labradorite Faceted Rondelles- 3-4mm

Gem Rondelles

$18.75 USD

Labradorite Briolette


$7.95 USD

11/0 Metal Seed Bead Gilding

Metal Beads

$7.15 USD

Little Lobsters- Gold


$5.95 USD

Gold Fill Ear Wires w/ 3mm Bead

Ear Wires

$5.30 USD

Clamshell End Tips- Bright Gold

Miscellaneous Findings

$3.95 USD

Circle Back- Satin Gold


$2.15 USD

Flexible Eye Needles- 10 pack


$4.00 USD

Ultimate Design Board

Design Boards & Storage

$39.95 USD

ParaWire Non-Tarnish Gold- 24G Round


$4.65 USD

ParaWire Non-Tarnish Gold- 26G Round


$4.50 USD

GS Hypo Cement


$4.95 USD

Eurotool Bent Nose Plier


$12.95 USD

Eurotool Chain Nose Plier


$12.95 USD

EuroTool Round Nose Plier


$12.95 USD

Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutter


$36.95 USD

Metal Bead Triangles


$5.45 USD

Project Map