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Level: All Levels
Estimated time: 30 minutes per bracelet

Clear Mind

Project by Grace Noland
Sample by Janice Parsons

Turquoise is the color to help calm the mind and bring clarity. In Nature, it is the mixing of water and sky. Janice has immersed us in a study of blue-greens that won’t disappoint. Spoiler Alert: The carved pendant featured in this project is from our Vintage Finds and is only available for a limited time….when it’s gone, it’s gone!
Blue Calico- 8mm
$9.95 USD
Turquoise Chips
$10.95 USD
6mm- Marine
$3.35 USD
Pony Express - Silver
$5.95 USD
Dream- Silver
$2.95 USD
Laugh- Silver
$2.95 USD
Pinwheel- Blue Serpentine
$4.25 USD
Tassels- Turquoise
$4.35 USD
Stretch Magic Clear Elastic .7mm 5 meters
$4.25 USD
Flexible Eye Needles- 10 pack
$4.25 USD
Beadalon Collapsible Eye Needles
$4.05 USD
Pinwheel- Brown Serpentine
$4.25 USD
GS Hypo Cement
$5.75 USD
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