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I’m Cara and I was born and raised right here in the Bay Area. My co-workers have said my middle initials could be “DIY”; I love crafts, sewing, cooking and gardening, just to name a few of my interests. And, of course, I’ve re-discovered beading. Married to a professional comedian, I have to have a sense of humor and I try to bring it with me to work every day. After 30 years as a Dental Assistant, I wanted to work someplace more creative… Well, I got it @beadshop! As Fulfillment Associate, I make sure every order gets picked, packed and ready to ship. But, I can’t help being organized, so you can also find me moving beads and buttons around to make more space…we can always use more of that!

What are my favorites? Let’s talk color! I love bright green, shades of fuchsia, and almost anything in glass. Silver is my metal of choice; I love its clarity and brightness, especially against ocean greens and blues. I really enjoy being immersed in all these beads and finding inspiration in every order I fill. Plus, I get to work with some really creative, fantastic people! At Beadshop, I bring my can-do DIY attitude and my obsession with tackle boxes…a match made in heaven.