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Small Water Lily Button

10mm Sterling Domed Button

Unit: each
$7.25 USD

Handmade by the Hill Tribe of Thailand, this petite button is imprinted with the sacred flower of Eastern cultures, art and religion: the lotus. Found growing in ponds and still waters, the lotus is revered for both its vision of beauty above water and its root strength below. 

Project Ideas: A pretty addition to any wrap bracelet, or add to your next Micro 
Macramé project as a closure.
Sizing: With a generous shank, it is easy to adapt to any wrap bracelet and fits cords up to 2mm.

Made by the Karen Hill tribe in Thailand. Expect variations from piece to piece, as each is handmade and unique.

Sold Individually.
* Pictured with our Large Water Lily Button, which is not included.