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Odyssey- Black Sky


Project Info:

Level: Beginner

Estimated time: 3+ Hours

By Janice Parsons

I have so many wonderful memories of Yosemite National Park at night. How grateful I feel that this precious place has been saved for our grandchildren and future generations. And if you ever get the chance to visit, please look up at the night. You will see stars clear as can be and the purest black sky. It is truly amazing. This is an easy project created to look luscious and expensive but cost very little. I hope you fall in love and make this your go-to project for gift giving…even to yourself!
The downloadable PDF for this project is shown in black linen, but it is adaptable to any color of 4 Ply Linen. Please read all directions before beginning.

Odyssey- Black Sky

Black- 10 Yard

Irish Waxed Linen

$8.95 USD

Black - Fine C-Lon

Fine C-Lon

$3.15 USD

SB3-2001 Cube Matte Gunmetal

Miyuki Cubes

$4.25 USD

Regular Macramé Board by Anne Dilker

Design Boards & Storage

$16.25 USD

Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutters


$37.95 USD

Handy Tape


$10.95 USD

Project Map