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8-4201 Duracoat Galvanized Silver

3x2mm Seed Bead with 1.1mm Hole

Unit: tube
$8.95 USD

This bead is one we can hardly keep in stock. It's been used in so many of our projects, it's like a base coat. In Prairie Leather Wrap, this warm silver Miyuki Seed Bead has a Duracoat Galvanized Coating that is intended to last a lifetime. Manufactured in Japan, the 8/0 seed bead is about the size of a 2 mm glass bead. with an inner hole diameter of .8mm. With a generous hole diameter (.8mm), it's very adaptable to macramé using .4mm Chinese Knotting Cord. There are 12 beads to an inch. 

Sold in tubes of 22 grams. Approximately 850 beads.