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Level: Intermediate
Estimated time: Weekend Project

Beth Caldwell

Project: Inspired by Pathways Cuff by Linnea Lortsher and In the Garden by Brittany Ketchum

Copper Lace is Beth Caldwell’s first entry to Beader Showcase, created in a lovely seasonal mix of copper and browns. Beth made her own twist on a traditional ladder bracelet by adding an 8/0 bead edging reminiscent of the edging used in Pathways Cuff and In the Garden. This bead creates the illusion of lace running along the edge… a very pretty design variation indeed!

Beth began stringing beaded necklaces about 15 years ago, then applying that skill to sun catchers and mobiles. She made her first laddered bracelet in January of this year and is hooked on the process! Like many of us, Beth makes most of her projects as gifts and tries to capture what the receiver will each time she beads with gift-making in mind.

Beading is a great distraction to Beth as she says, “I’m retired and since I hate housework I'm always trying to find other ways to spend my time. Besides beading I take care of my dogs, garden and read.”

In the Garden, by Brittany Ketcham, is a video project, and Pathways Cuff by Linnea Lortsher features a downloadable handout and a video series. Be sure to review both for the tips and techniques this work is based on. Unfortunately, Beader Showcase entries are not complete projects but rather submissions for inspiration and therefore, we don't have Project Maps for you to follow section to section. Beth’s sample is meant to help you find inspiration and then create your own adaptation. The recipe for Copper Lace is below the photograph and all the ingredients we carry at beadshop are available for purchase under the SHOP tab above. Thanks for your entry, Beth. We love it!

Courtesan- Copper
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8-641- Dyed Rose Bronze Silver Lined Alabaster
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4mm- Crystal Copper Rainbow
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Metallic Bronze- 1.5mm Indian
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Brown - Tuff Cord
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