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Matte Onyx- 4mm Rounds

4mm Matte Onyx Round IHD: .8mm

Unit: strand
$5.00 USD

Part of the Sardonyx family, Black Onyx has been with us since ancient times. To eliminate the natural banding found in the stones, it has been dyed or treated to get that rich black coloring. And to modernize the look, the onyx beads have gone through additional steps to create the matte finish: After the beads have been polished they are put back in the tumbler with just the right amount of grit to remove the polish and create the powdered patina that’s so much in demand today. Holes are machine drilled so laddering with Tuff Cord #1 is a breeze. Hole sizes also fit up to 20 gauge round wire. Imported from Mexico and Pakistan by Dakota Stones.

Sold on 8 inch strands. Approximately 50 beads per strand.