Bahama Mama

Project by Janice Parsons
Sample by Karen Marshall

Can you just feel those ocean breezes against your skin? Your toes all sandy from walks along the shore? The distant sound of reggae music? Bahama Mama is all the island jewelry any woman needs to take her away to paradise. Karen knows how to rock “Prairie Opulence,” it’s another over-the-top, memorable design.
This project is easy even for a beginner beader and will take about 5 hours to complete. Follow along the Prairie Handout and learn step-by-step how to bring the Caribbean to you!

Project Learning:
Bead Mine- Gold
$2.25 USD
Evolve - Gold
$4.35 USD
New Maze- Antique Brass
$1.55 USD
Bubblegum - Regular C-Lon
$4.25 USD
Chinese Coral - Regular C-Lon
$4.25 USD
Poinsetta - Regular C-Lon
$4.25 USD
Light Maize - Regular C-Lon
$4.25 USD
Bountiful- Antique Brass
$8.95 USD
Medium Brown- 5mm
$7.95 USD
Beadsmith Zap Jewelry Gel
$4.35 USD
Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutters
$37.95 USD
Project Map



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