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Size 12 4 Pack Beadsmith Seed Bead Needles

Unit: pkg
$3.15 USD

Made in England of nickel-plated carbon steel, these fine 2 inch needles are great for seed beading and using with Superlon D or Nymo for various thread projects, including gem knotting. They are reuseable but use caution when applying pressure as they are really intended for seed beading and not sewing through fabric or leather, for that you want a Glovers Needle Size 1 or finer. The eye of the Size 12 needle is quite fine and a bit more challenging to thread than the Size 10. Always keep away from infants, children and pets.

Design Hint: The best glue we have found to keep on hand in our bead studio is the Hypo-Tube Cement. After you thread your needle, take the two tails and knot them together. We like to do an over hand knot and go through the same loop an extra time before we tighten the safety knot. Then we dollop on a tiny drop of glue and begin the project. You do not have to wait until the glue dries to get going.

Sold in package of 4 needles