Level: Beginner
Estimated time: 1 hour per bracelet

Arabian Sea


By Brittany Ketcham

Just the name conjures visions of romance, spices and mystery. The Arabian Sea is a region of the Indian Ocean bounded on the north by Pakistan and Iran, on the south by northeastern Somalia, on the east by India and on the west by the Arabian Peninsula. Long before Julius Caesar and the Romans used the sea as a trade route, it was an integral part of travel and trade for centuries.

Brittany found inspiration for these bracelets from the spices and silks introduced by India to the world along the trade route. Cinnamon, saffron and bolts of fabric would cross the Arabian Sea for destinations around the world. The beauty and complexity of this design is in its simplicity. Each bracelet is one stitch, one bead and two colors of Chinese Knotting Cord. By stacking multiple bracelets in various colorways, your eye will find a pleasing path to Nirvana. And the good news is the ingredients will make up to 15 bracelets...so you will have plenty for yourself and to give away. Give in an organza bag and your gifting is complete. Be sure to watch the video (open the VIDEO tab above) and happy beading!

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Iris- 0.5mm
Garnet- 0.5mm
Orange- 0.5mm
Frosted Lilac- 0.5mm
6/0 Metal Seed Beads- Silver Plate
6-4201 Duracoat Galvanized Silver 6/0
6/0 Metal Seed Beads- 24kt Gold Plate
6-4202 Duracoat Galvanized Gold 6/0
GS Hypo Cement
Thread Snips
Handy Tape
Deep Dish Project Tray
Project Tray Inserts
Project Map


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