Level: All Levels
Estimated time: 3-5 Hours

Annie Oakley

Project by: Janice Parsons
Sample by: Cara Scopazzi

ara’s design is a modern homage to Annie Oakley, the sharpshooting star of the old Wild West. This 5-wrap bracelet weaves together shades of blue and gray on a bright crimson base. Think of this as your weekend jewelry with jeans. Don’t leave for that getaway without it.
X Marks
$2.25 USD
8-4201- Duracoat Galvanized Silver 8/0
$8.00 USD
Home Run-Silver
$5.25 USD
$2.25 USD
Argentum - Regular C-Lon
$4.35 USD
Charcoal - Regular C-Lon
$4.35 USD
Peacock - Regular C-Lon
$4.35 USD
Cerulean - Regular C-Lon
$4.35 USD
Red- 5mm
$7.95 USD
Dotted Line-10
$7.25 USD
Beadsmith Zap Jewelry Gel
$4.35 USD
Beadalon Collapsible Eye Needles
$3.75 USD
Project Map

Annie Oakley

The total length of Annie Oakley is 30-1/2 inches including the 3/4” clasp, and will wrap 4 times comfortably on a wrist up to 7 inches. The macramé sections vary from a 2” section with just a seed bead break at the 1 inch mark, to an impressive 19” of macramé incorporating 4 colors of C-Lon and studded with sliders. In Annie Oakley, much of the embellishment has been done on one strand leaving the second strand primarily plain to allow the color of the leather shine through.



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