Level: Intermediate
Estimated time: Weekend project

Afternoon Tea


by Beckie Ten Eyck
Inspired by Herringbone Wrap by Nicole Anderson

Taking a photograph or artwork to find inspiration via color is something we have been doing long before we had our online store. Recently Beckie was drawn to a photograph she discovered on a favorite blog of hers, The Frosted Petticoat, to weave a herringbone pattern of beads and cord in greens, tans and corals. Inspiration photo taken by Nicole Ryan Photography

The original project by Nicole Anderson is a real classic. Please watch the video and follow along to create your own design. Beckie’s 5 Wrap reflects her favorite colors…what are yours? And where do you find inspiration? Please download Tricks of the Trade, another Free Handout which carefully outlines palleting from a photograph. Enjoy!

Lone Star- Gold
Natural- 1.5 Greek
Natural- KO Thread
Golden Caramel- 0.5mm
Ivory- 0.5mm
Spring Leaf- 0.5mm
Pacific Green- 0.5mm
Mint- 0.5mm
4mm- Jonquil
4mm- Rosy Peach
Reeds in the Wind
GS Hypo Cement
Ultra Thread Zap
Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutters
Rattail 2mm
Handy Tape
Deep Dish Project Tray
Project Tray Inserts

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