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Adding Thread in Superduo Beadweaving

This Skill Builder focuses on ending and beginning thread in the Pathways Cuff project, but can be used as a general guide for ending and adding in thread in any bead weaving project. Be sure to stop stitching when you still have 5”-6” of working thread remaining, so that you have enough length to weave it in securely. The ingredients needed for this Skill Builder are:
  • Beadwork in progress
  • Beading needles
  • Beading thread
  • Thread snips
Lemon Travertine Dark
$6.50 USD
Crystal Bronze Fire Red
$4.95 USD
8-4506- Picasso Transparent Olivine 8/0
$4.95 USD
Apricot- KO Thread
$4.35 USD
Free Spirit- Copper
$3.75 USD
Sage - Regular C-Lon
$2.84 USD
Size 12 4 Pack Beadsmith Seed Bead Needles
$3.00 USD
Beadalon Collapsible Eye Needles
$3.75 USD
GS Hypo Cement
$5.35 USD


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