7 Wrap Artemis

Project by Janice Parsons
Sample by Karen Marshall
The pure and radiant huntress Artemis is the goddess of many things…but she is especially known for her association with the moon. In cool lunar tones of silver and pale greys with just a hint of warm brass, this 7 Wrap Tahoe is just dripping with celestial beauty. Can’t you just picture Artemis wearing this piece, roaming the mountains and forests in the moonlight?

It’s easy to build in just a few hours...just be sure you cut your leather long enough. (See the Project Map below for details) and Download the Handout (PDF) to follow along. Also, shopping is so easy when you use the SHOP and TOOLS tabs above!
Metallic Cement- 1.0mm Indian
$5.36 USD
6-576-TB Dyed Smoky Opal Silver Lined Alabaster 6/0
$3.75 USD
Shadows - Antique Brass
$19.95 USD
White and Silver Roller
$0.50 USD
Transitions - Antique Pewter
$4.35 USD
Embrace the Lotus- White Bronze
$4.25 USD
Round and Round - Silver
$6.25 USD
Eurotool Chain Nose Pliers
$12.95 USD
Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutters
$37.95 USD
Project Map

Be sure to read through the handout for 5 Wrap Tahoe, but cut your leather longer to make it a 6-7 wrap bracelet. This sample uses

                 3-¼ yards of 1.5mm leather                    2 yards 1.0mm leather

Measure your wrist before you start. This sample is approximately 50-54 inches, including the clasp. It will fit a 7 inch wrist. Each section of beads starts and ends with smaller beads to help facilitate the inner leather strand staying inside frames of outer leather. A pair of Chain Nose Pliers was used to crimp the Transition beads. Keep the beadwork a bit loose so there’s some air on the leather. Otherwise, just place the Embrace the Lotus Charm wherever you like, unless you want to wear it long as a necklace, then it’s important you position it at the halfway point from the clasp. We hope you enjoy! 



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