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Gooseberry Beads- Celadon

3-6mm Glass Beads, IHD: appx 1mm

Unit: strand
$15.00 USD

$17.95 USD

These delightful glass beads are handcrafted on the island of Java. These celadon-green glass beads have been striped in an array of colors, no two beads are alike! Indonesia has an ancient and storied tradition of glass-making that extends back over one thousand years. Unfortunately, in recent years beads such as these have become more difficult to find as village artisans migrate towards modern cities.

Project Ideas: Perfect for Across Cultures, Trail's End, and Cascade Necklaces

Sizing Info: Beads vary from 3mm  to 6mm, most with a 1mm hole.

These beads are limited in stock and we may not be able to get them again! If you want them, don't hesitate!

Made in Indonesia.

Sold on strands of 24”. Approximately 125-150 beads. Each strand will vary in pattern/colors and quantity of beads.