From Childhood- 6mm

From Childhood- 6mm

6mm Carnelian Round
Unit: strand

“Growing up with my mother, Lydia, and her antiques, I have imprinted memories of carnelian; the carved watch fob, the charm on her bracelet, the Roman profile etched in dark Carnelian that we just never got around to setting into a pendant. Carnelian is the stone that remembers my childhood”

With lots of curb appeal, these Carnelian beauties would work in a number of projects. Holes are machine drilled so laddering with Tuff Cord #3 or Fine Weight C-Lon is a breeze. These would also make a great Mala. Beads are round but expect slight variations in shape, color and size. Sold on 8 inch strands.

Approximately 31-33 beads per strand. Imported by Dakota Stones.



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