Coppered Hematite Faceted Rondelle- 4.2mm

Coppered Hematite Faceted Rondelle- 4.2mm

4.2mm Pyrite-Plated Hematite Rondelles
Unit: strand

We love pyrite in with a beautiful copper coating. One of the newest stories in the bead industry is the renaissance the stone hematite is having; It is being used as the base bead for a coating of pyrite in assorted metallic coatings. Made in China, the factory starts with a hematite bead and gives it a rich, copper coating. They are just gorgeous! See how we used this bead in Strong Point, a 5 wrap ladder bracelet.

Strands measure 15-5/8 inches and have approximately 170 beads. Sold by the strand.

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