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Aged Bugles- Black Picasso

Size 2 Czech Glass Bugles (1.9x4.5mm), IHD: .70mm

Unit: Pkg
$4.15 USD

So cute! Small bugles with the Aged Czech look we so adore. Jet Black with a Picasso finish? Say no more!

Project ideas: Try in any projects we use 3mm Miyuki Bugles in, these are just slightly longer! Perfect for  fringe earrings, try them out in a laddered wrap.

Sizing Info: Size 2 Seed Bead Bugles measuring 1.9x4.5mm, with a 0.7 hole.

Made in Czech Republic.

Please note: These beads are made in small batches and therefore can vary. We suggest buying all you need at once for one particular project, as they may be darker, lighter, or have more or less finish on them from batch to batch.

Sold in bag of approximately 10 grams.