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5mm Rondelles- Ruby Rosewood Copper

5 x 3mm Faceted Czech Glass Beads with IHD 0.9mm

Unit: strand
$3.95 USD

A combination of ruby and rosewood glass with a coppery finish nets a bead that tells a story of passion and romance. The metallic coating adds heat to the visual and the results are stunning. So interesting and unique, this bead would look great with our other treasured rosewood beads

Create your pink color story in a Charm Bracelet or add to a Brick Stitch Tassel Earring.
Bead holes will fit up to 18 gauge wire. See all the colors of 5mm rondelles we offer here.
Made in the Czech Republic. Sold by the strand of 30 beads/ 7 beads per inch.ld by the strand of 30 beads/ 7 beads per inch.