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Illusion Cuff Recipe

Create your own color pairing for the Illusion Cuff. Consult the recipe below for just what you’ll need to choose supplies for the project. The hardest part is choosing two tubes of 8/0 seed beads in contrasting colors and/or finishes for the body of the cuff. With so many seed beads to choose from, the sky’s the limit! Please see the Project Map below to acquaint yourself with the overall layout of the sample and consult the techniques below to complete the Illusion Cuff. 

Watch the video on the Jewel Loom page for tips on warping the loom, or watch Sam’s video on using a design board as a loom in the video above. Download the Project PDF for the pattern and project notes for Illusion Cuff. To finish, download the PDF Handout for Holiday Cheer and review the steps for adding the slide tube to each end of the bracelet.

Download PDF