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Perfect Day


Project Info:

Level: Intermediate

Estimated time: 4-6 Hours

Project and Sample by Linnea Lortsher

There is nothing like a clear, fresh morning with the sun shining and a sky so blue your heart aches. This all-turquoise cuff in Half Tilas shows off the beauty of the herringbone stitch and demonstrates how you can stitch Pathways in a single color and have remarkable results. Linnea has added additional instructions to the handout that guide you in adapting herringbone weave to Half Tila beads. Plus, new steps on how to macramé the button loop, what to do if you leave out a bead and other helpful tips. If you are new to this project, definitely watch the video along with downloading the handout. Note: Half Tilas come in tubes of 7.8 grams (1/3 the quantity of a tube of Superduos) so the ingredients for this cuff (TWO tubes of Half Tilas) will net one bracelet.

Skill Builders used in this project:
Adding Thread in Superduo Beadweaving
How To Macramé
How to Singe Cord Using a Thread Zap II

Perfect Day

TLH412FR Matte Opaque Turquoise AB

Miyuki Half Tila

$5.30 USD

8-263 Seafoam-Lined Crystal AB

Miyuki Seed Beads- 8/0

$4.00 USD

11-2029 Frosted Pale Seafoam Blue

Miyuki Seed Beads- 11/0

$4.15 USD

Natural- KO Thread

KO Thread

$4.95 USD

Celadon- Regular C-Lon

C-Lon: Regular

$4.95 USD

English Beading Needles, Size 12- 4 Pack


$3.25 USD

Beadalon Collapsible Eye Needles, Heavy- 4 Pack


$4.25 USD

GS Hypo Cement


$6.75 USD

Project Map