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Level: Beginner
Estimated time: 3-4 Hours


Project by Brittany Ketcham
Sample by: Beckie Ten Eyck

Hear the gentle crash of ocean waves, feel the salt spray on your face, and sink your toes into the sand. Amazonite rounds represent harmony and balance, sitting serenely alongside stacks of lustrous teal fire polish beads. A silver button, ornamented with a pattern of tiny dots, graces the looped closure. Give the gift of peace and tranquility with this seaside-inspired 4-wrap bracelet.
4mm- Pastel Emerald
$2.95 USD
Belize- 6mm
$7.95 USD
Mardi Gras- Silver
$2.25 USD
Teal - Tuff Cord
$4.75 USD
Metallic Teal- 1.5mm Indian
$7.25 USD
GS Hypo Cement
$5.75 USD
Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutters
$37.95 USD
Project Tray Inserts
$10.25 USD
Deep Dish Project Tray
$19.95 USD
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