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Sláinte- March 2024

Custom Mix of Miyuki 6/0 Round Rocailles

Unit: tube
$7.95 USD

Cheers! 2024 is here and so is a new batch of Monthly Mixes. This year we are raising our glasses, our mugs, our to-go cups!! Each month we're bringing you a delightful beverage-in-bead-form...though they may look delicious we must warn you: don't drink the beads!

In 2024 we're also trying something new...we thought it would be fun to highlight single shapes and/or sizes and/or styles for each mix. March is all about the 6/0!

Here in the States we take St. Patrick's Day to a level of themed-craziness not seen elsewhere in the world...not even in Ireland. Just about everything turns green for the day, including the beer! Have you ever had a St. Paddy's Day green beer? A novelty, for sure, but who can resist a theme? We sure can't. So this month, raise your glass and instead of saying "cheers," offer up the Gaelic version: Sláinte! (pronounced SLAWN-che)

When sold out, or if you’d like to purchase the individual  beads used in these mixes, the beads used are:

    Sold individually, in tubes of 20 grams.