Black- 5mm

Black- 5mm

5x2mm Spanish Flat Leather
Unit: each

Imported from the European Union, the standard of quality for this black leather is far above anything else we've found. Consistent, smooth and crafted to last a lifetime, the difference is visible. And in lengths long enough to make two bracelets of multiple wraps, you get a lot of bang for your buck. See how we used it in Prairie, a fun wrap project. 

Sold by the meter (38-39-⅓ inches).

Please note: The black strap in 5mm seems to be slightly heavier than other colors. You may need to angle cut and thin down the end when adding sliders.

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$6.76 USD

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Please note: We order in 2 meter lengths and can not cut continuously. If you would like to order larger quantities, please contact us. We can order up to 10 meter spools.


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