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Beadsmith Chain Nose Plier

4.75” Box Joint w/Spring German Pliers

Unit: each
$26.95 USD

When we had The Bead Shop in Palo Alto, these German Pliers lived in our classes, behind the counter, and in our design studio for decades. This is a precision tool that is intended to last a lifetime, and it will, with proper care*.  If you’re ready to trade up from the Eurotool Chain Nose or want to start with our all-time favorite, this is the one we recommend without hesitation. Made in Germany of the finest steel, they are superbly polished and have a double-leaf spring to reduce hand fatigue. The jaws have a Rockwell hardness of 58 and are considered Professional Grade. With extra-fine tips, PVC cushion grips, and double-leaf spring, they are the perfect choice for light to medium wire work.

Sold Individually.