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Hot Cocoa- February 2024

Custom Mix of SuperDuos

Unit: tube
$7.25 USD

$8.95 USD

A note about this Monthly Mix: Unfortunately we discovered after mixing that one of the beads sent to us was poor quality and the wrong color! The lightest colored bead in here is supposed to be Matte Cappuccino, but what our vendor sent us is actually slightly pinker and has a poor quality coating that easily scratches off. We didn’t catch this error until after everything was tubed, at our warehouse, and three days away from launch.
It’s important to note: the tubes we have of Matte Cappuccino are the correct bead and the coating quality is a-ok! We tested. The other beads in the mix are also fine.

Here’s what we’re doing:
-we adjusted the price of this mix, the price does not include the cost of the defective beads.
-we bought as much of the Matte Cappuccino tubes as we could, and more are coming, but supply is limited. We have a deal going on where the Matte Cappuccino tubes are $2 off right now.
-Monthly Makers: you certainly do not have to use the defective beads in your creations, nor do you have to have the separate tube of Matte Cappuccino in your finished piece.

We are so sorry for this big mistake, all. Please sort your mix and discard the fake-Matte Cappuccino in it!

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled programming...

Cheers! 2024 is here and so is a new batch of Monthly Mixes. This year we are raising our glasses, our mugs, our to-go cups!! Each month we're bringing you a delightful beverage-in-bead-form...though they may look delicious we must warn you: don't drink the beads!
In 2024 we're also trying something new...we thought it would be fun to highlight single shapes and/or sizes and/or styles for each mix. February is all about the SuperDuos!

February's mix was inspired by a good ol' cup of Hot Cocoa. Warm and cozy, just what the doctor ordered for chilly February days! A delightful blend of chocolates and mochas and cream...delish!

When sold out, or if you’d like to purchase the individual  beads used in these mixes, the beads used are:

    Sold individually, in tubes of 22 grams.