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5mm Rondelles- Stone Bronze

5 x 3mm Faceted Czech Glass Beads with IHD 0.9mm

Unit: strand
$3.65 USD

Oh...a bead that makes our hearts sing and makes the list of Janice’s favorites. With a name like “Stone Bronze” you would think it would be brown or grey...but it is more the color of granite in the glow of morning sun. No kidding! It’s the most gorgeous neutral green with shades of blue and grey and tan...we just can’t describe it! Create your own Ballymaloe Set with this wonderful bead. Made in the Czech Republic. Bead holes will fit up to 18 Gauge Wire.

Made in the Czech Republic, bead holes will fit up to 18 Gauge Wire.

Sold by the strand of 30 beads/ 7 beads to an inch.

Note: Coatings will vary in color and consistency by as much as 20% from one shipment to the next. We advise that if you want to match beads, you purchase what you need all at once.