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Learn to Ladder
Learn to Ladder

Learn to Ladder

By Nicole Anderson

Kudos to Chan Luu of Sundance Catalog fame who made this lattice all the rage. We have decided to create our own unique designs when teaching how to master this technique. It's straightforward to learn but it is definitely an intermediate project; you need some patience, some fun beads and the right materials. We have added our silk wrapping technique to lend it finesse, but you can certainly stick with the simple knotted button and loop as we have shown in Part Two of Learn to Ladder. Be sure to watch from start to finish before you begin. If you do not like the look of the triangular gaps on the ends, graduate beads smaller to larger to fill the gap. Enjoy!

Project Level: Intermediate     Time to Complete: 4 hours


- Tamarind seed bracelet 7" (middle bracelet):

1 pack 3mm gold filled rounds, 3mm sterling rounds, 1 strand Tamarind seeds, 1 Silk Cord, 3 yards Superlon 18 + 1 yard Superlon 18 (for silk wrapping), 1 yard Rattail (for stability, not used in final product), 1 Button - if the hole(s) on the button are too small for your framing cord to fit through, briolette wrap a loop of 22 gauge wire on to create a shank.

- Turquoise bracelet 14-16":

1 strand of Rainbow turquoise, 2 packs of Baby Dasies silver beads, 1 yard 1.5mm Brown Waxed Cotton Cord or leather cord, 5 yards brown superlon size D (less if you only wrap once between each step/rung), 1 button silver button with a wire-wrapped shank, 1 Glovers Needle Size #1 or 4 (or heavy sewing needle), GS Hypo Cement Glue.

- Black Czech Glass Bracelet 21-24":

2 strands 6mm Bronze Iris Czech Glass Rounds, 2 strands 6mm Hematite Czech Glass Rounds, 2 yards black Japanese Waxed Cotton or 1-1.5mm round Leather Cord, 5 yards black Superlon 18 (more if wrapping 2 times between each step/rung)

Learn to Silk Wrap

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