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Superlon Size D is remarkably tough yet supple micro nylon thread. It’s similar to Nymo but it is more consistent in size, so you get less big-to-little-to-big as you pass your fingers along the thread. It also holds up better and “shreds” less. We used to say Nymo turned into “gorilla hair” by the needle because it would fray so much as you strung on gems. When knotting fine gems first gained popularity, we looked for a thread that would fit the extremely small holes and yet make a delicate knot that was also sturdy...The thread had to be supple to behave like silk, but tough like nylon to withstand the hand-drilled nature of many gemstones. Superlon D has been my thread of choice for fine gem knotting, sewing and bead weaving for many years. For knotting between beads, the thread must be used double. You might even need to use more threads to get the size knot you’re looking for. For beadweaving, follow the project guidelines but single thread is fine as long as you can double back. We can recommend Superlon Size D for use with leather on ladder bracelets. We use Superlon Size D in conjunction with John James English Beading Needles in Size 12 and seal it with Hypo-Tube Cement. It also works great with a Thread Burner.   ~janice