White- Padres

White- Padres

3 - 5mm Dirty White Glass Beads
Unit: strand

By far one of our most popular beads, this irregular, glass bead makes our hearts soar. Spanish traders originally brought beads to the New World hundreds of years ago. They became popular with the indigenous people who used them in beadwork, weaving and decorative arts. The missionaries who gave them out were known as "Padres" and that's how they got their name. They range in color from white-white to dirty white. With daily wear, the dirty patina may wear off, so be prepared for your padres to become white-white. This bead was used in our Harmonies Project and 5 Wrap Tahoe. Expect variations in size, color and shape. The holes also vary. Most should fit on .5mm metallic pearl leather, but you may find some that just don't. Sorry!

Sold by the strand approximately 22-24 inches in length. Each strand is completely unique.



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